Here are links to my most recent print, radio, and video appearances:

July 2017 – (Popular article) – Aeon Magazine – “White coats and mild manners: how to style a good doctor” 

May 2017 – (Popular article) – The Daily Beast – Where in your body is your soul?” (co-written with Candida Moss)  

January 2016 – (Taped interview) – WSBT – “Tech items causing ethical concerns”

February 2015 (Print interview) – South Bend Tribune – “South Bend’s place in the science world” world/article_180f71a2-ba29-11e4-8475-fb515a49b1e9.html

October 2014 (Taped interview) – Politically Speaking (WNIT Public Television)
Interview on South Bend Science Café for “An Unhappy City? South Bend Citizens Respond”–south-bend-citizens-respond.html

November 2013 (Taped interview) – Experience Michiana (WNIT Public Television) Interview on the South Bend Science Cafe

October 2013 – Notre Dame Office of Public Affairs – “Science Cafe”

March 2013 – IgniteMichiana Presentation “Emerging Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Issues in Science and Technology”

March 2013 – IgniteMichiana Promo Video

March 2013 – Television interview with WNDU on the Notre Dame Climate Change and the Common Good conference

February, 2013 – Radio interview with (NPR station) WFYI’s No Limits show on “Ethical Dilemmas”